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Media Kiings brings a more manageable solution to the Major and Independent business model.

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Join our team today and start your new career in total control of your day to day. We provide a genuine Work From Home job to your door step.

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We work on our clients business venture around the clock. Idea’s Don’t Sleep Dreams Do.

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In a Nutshell, Media Kiings Inc is a multifaceted conglomerate. Our focus is on the forward thinking ideals. We believe in the more bang for your buck ideal. Our industry specialty is Music, Film, Television and Print. We are active role players in World Music Distribution, Digital Television Monetization. We are also Talent Discovery Agents for the Comedy and Music Industry. Media Kiings is also a trailblazer soon to be pioneer of virtual work from home programs such as Call Centers Customer Service and Support type needs.


Join our team today. Allow our team to help develop or fully facilitate your ideals. We are brand specialist in almost all areas of the media industry.



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The Blueprint to Success


In our business there is no time nor room for error, mistakes or re-do’s. In most cases you only get one shot. Our company has created our own blueprint process to get you up and running and helping you to stay that way. We created 6 benchmarks as a road map of the beginning as an idea to the launch of your new project or strategy.


Media Kiings Inc is a conglomerate of sorts providing the blue print to Businesses as well as Individuals to develop create and launch there products, projects, goals or dreams.


Our MP&D program (Marketing Promotions & Distributions) is finely tuned to the trending market changes. We utilize the most current methods to analyze our data. Our strategies are forged from the data derived from the goals of our clients.

Launch Date and Events

Event developement, planning and schuling is a hard task that we take pride in for our clients to be worry free.


Our team provides strategic budget management for the Projects, Products or Business Development needs of our clients.


At Media Kiings Inc we take Branding to a whole new level with added product development and integrations of one industry or business to another.


Our goals are simple. Clients Bottom Line. Brand Value and Monetization we use to close the best deal for our clients and partners.

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The leaders of our team consist of over 30 years of doing business.

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Our Alliances and Partnerships create a wide array of well know fortune 500 company that span across many industries.

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